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David was born in South Africa in 1961 and grew up on the transitional edge of urban and rural Johannesburg. He has fond memories of roaming in the veld and visiting the canyons of the big city.

After studying Industrial design & engineering in Johannesburg, he embarked on a design driven career spanning near on 40 years. Artistic lines, proportion, balance, texture and colour captured in numerous commercial products with the odd occasion being a “real" artist doing illustrations & sculptures for corporate clients.

In 2016 the family relocated to RooiEls, (nestled between the mountains & the sea).

His artwork taking inspiration from the surroundings & its people.

His work can be found in local galleries & have found homes locally & abroad.

When not sculpting he enjoys sea kayaking & exploring the dirt roads crisscrossing the region.

He shares the studio with his talented wife and daughter, Sonet & marketing guru Danielle.


Artist Statement

“Creativity is the ability to visualize an outcome – & to Do It. For me it’s an obsession - to see, to distil, to create & share”.

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t drawing and crafting with clay. This has translated to ultimatelyrealize visions in bronze.

I strive to capture snapshots of nature & my imagination. The journey of realizing a piece is an intrinsic part of the artwork & is deeply rooted in my experiences as a professional designer. I strive to capture the character of the subject and by so doing elicit

an emotion from the observer.

As a keen conservationist I hope to encourage observers to see the positive in the 3rd planet from the Sun.

David van der Merwe

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